During the initial phase, we will personally evaluate your play and offer an honest evaluation of what level of competition we believe is appropriate to pursue.  We will supply thorough feedback on your athletic performance, provide guidance as to where you may currently fit in at the college level and suggest areas for improvement in order to become a more attractive recruit.    


The primary aim of the consultation is to continue to build the relationship between family and consultant while fostering productive dialogue.  We will focus our attention on the athletic evaluation, academic profile, and the values and interests of the student-athlete.  Our intention is to provide our initial thoughts but then listen and thoughtfully engage with families to better understand their motivations and goals entering the admissions process.  


We will provide extensive support in formulating an appropriate list of target schools and a detailed plan for exposure and marketing of our student-athletes. Additionally, we will also extend guidance regarding communication with schools, managing the particulars of admissions requirements, and evaluating the level of interest from specific coaches and schools.  Through this thorough and well-practiced approach, our clients arrive confidently at a decision knowing that they have all the necessary information and support to do so judiciously.