As a coach at both the collegiate and high school levels, I've been on both sides of the process and have seen the positive impact that can occur when people who care about young student-athletes are involved in their recruitment process.  Far too many high school students don't receive an accurate assessment of their abilities and consequently waste time, energy, and money trying to gain the attention of schools that aren't a good fit. Conversely, many have the ability and academic credentials to be successfully recruited at a certain level and lack the knowledge of how to best utilize their potential athletic impact as an asset in the admissions process.  

Aiding in the development of young student-athletes and providing access to meaningful and formative opportunities in their lives has been the guiding principle of my career in education and athletics.    In order to do so effectively, I have relied upon an ability and desire to develop trust and credibility in my relationships with families to foster accurate and honest communication in the pursuit of our collective goals.